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Agent Testimonials

“My first file with WealthONE and it surely won’t be the last. Underwriters were great to work with, they are extremely responsive and easy to get a hold of. They were very quick for both underwriting and doc review. They are patient and do their best to try and make a deal work. As for the product, I kept calling it a “B-lending” product but was reminded many times that it is NOT a B-product but rather an Alt-A, and it surely is. My client was happy to know that she could make pre-payments throughout the year on a 1-year term (as this was very important to her). No property-tax holdback nor taxes collected with the P&I payments was another bonus. The selection of rate/fee options are great, as it allows us to NOT have to charge a Broker Fee while still offering a very competitive rate. The commitment was easy to read, conditions straightforward, and a quick closing was handled smoothly. Thank you CFF and WealthONE for a fantastic first experience, my second deal is already in the works closing next week.”

“Fantastic program we have! The underwriters at WealthONE were able to get me two commitments that other Alt-A lenders could not figure out how to get approved. Creative solutions like these is what makes WealthONE stand out!”

“Excellent marketing on CFF and Alta West Capital. Clear and concise product guidelines. Very easy to get a hold of someone to discuss a file. Easy to decipher approximate pricing on a file before even submitting the file, helps give clients an estimate to budget.”

“Completed my first deal with CFF and WealthONE and was blown away by the service I received from the Underwriters. Good discussion about the file pre-submission, very responsive to emails, fast turn around on the approval, and great turn around on document review. I have never received service this good in the Alt-A space and will definitely be my first choice going forward.”

“I have done some deals with Alta West Capital and would hope you continue to provide amazing broker/customer service!”

“Working with WealthONE and their underwriters in particular was outstanding and a pleasure from start to finish. The process was quick, clear and without unexpected surprises. The response time, the logic, can-do attitudes of the team and the dealings were second to none. I have already recommended this program/partner and their services to my colleagues.”

“My experience on the CFF and WealthONE program was extremely favourable. My deal was a very unique and tough deal but the underwriter was great to work with and very helpful. I have nothing but positive things to say about the whole experience.”

“CFF and WealthONE have been a great lender partner and it all stems from CFF and their hard work! Thank you to the underwriter for making it easy to do business with WealthONE! They are an awesome, awesome team with so much patience and speed.”

“The Private/Alternative case study stories make it easy for Mortgage agents to relate to. Keep them coming!”

“The Underwriters at WealthONE were amazing and helpful! They picked up the phone on the first try. We talked through the deal and they said “sounds like a deal, send it in”….that was Friday. Monday all approved subject to only an appraisal. What I loved is that they listened to the story and used common sense. They communicate well and respond to emails quickly. So happy with this program!”

“Alta West Capital has a lot of information and products that are not the same as what everyone else has so I definitely showed the team how great you guys are and why we should send our files to you.”

“I have to tell you, the service from WealthONE is incredible. Dealing with experienced, very knowledgeable underwriters is a real treat and, you can sense they “want” to do business. Today they gave me permission (their idea) to send in income docs before I have even submitted a deal, to see how we could best position it with the various pieces of income…this is unheard of normally. Their response times are soooo good as well. They are spoiling me. I had two deals approved in just the past week and many more going in. They are my new favourite.”

“As far as our experience with CFF and WealthONE so far, Both are amazing to work with and we have nothing but great things to say! I will tell you, underwriters are in my top 3 criteria for when/where I decide to place a file. It’s a no brainer when it comes to their underwriters and the file fits for WealthONE.”

“I was recently referred to CFF and WealthONE by my colleague and I’m glad I did! – They were fantastic!… Underwriters were clear and straight forward with helping me work my deal, they were easy to talk to and answered my calls/emails promptly…not the norm, nowadays. I am also not new to this industry and know how to structure files and I was still impressed! – Since then, I have already suggested CFF and WealthONE to a couple colleagues that may be a good fit for their clients! – Thanks again CFF and WealthONE!”