Get the right funding with Business Financing Solutions

May 16, 2017 | Article


Looking for short term financing options to help your business grow without debt?

CFF Centres has partnered with Liquid Capital to bring you Business Financing Solutions which handles the needs of small, medium and emerging middle-market businesses, while delivering the resources and service capabilities of a much larger financial services company. We take on your invoice and collections management—including the risk—so you can get the capital you need to focus on the business, rather than paperwork. Grow your business with confidence, knowing we will be there to help at every stage.



Your assets are even MORE valuable than you think

Many larger companies find themselves long on confirmed business but short on working capital. Even with substantial client lists and sophisticated financial structures, payables often pre-date receivables. They simply don’t have the working capital on hand to keep up, but they fall just shy of bank loan criteria. Or if they do qualify, they have seasonal or otherwise time-sensitive capital requirements that the fixed disbursements rates of a traditional loan can’t satisfy.

For companies with a strong credit rating and advanced, verifiable financial reporting (such as receivable and payable summaries), Liquid Capital’s Asset-Based Lending (ABL) solution provides an excellent financing option that is more cost-effective, flexible and discreet than factoring.


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